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Thread: [Contracts] Contracts and Terminology

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    [Contracts] Contracts and Terminology

    Rather than copy her carefully researched collection of links, I'm going to link to Victoria Strauss's blog post regarding Publishing Industry Terms and Contracts: Some Resources, and Some Advice.

    Her caveat is worth repeating:

    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware
    Like many other things to do with publishing, there's no one definitive source for this kind of information--you have to pull it together from multiple locations. Below are some resources that I've picked up in my travels around the Internet.

    (Always, always vet the source for information like this. Make sure that the individual or group compiling it is qualified to do so. One of the things that's never in short supply on the Internet is bad or outdated or incomplete information put together by people who know even less than you do.)
    See SFWA's Model Contracts
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