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Just went by their site and their home page lists a book that will be out on April 1st 2013. I take this to mean they aren't opening until next year. Is that right?
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Entranced is currently open to submissions.

Their author's books will debut next year.
This is correct. We opened to submissions in mid-april. Because of the amount of work our staff is devoting to every book, each title will be published approximately 12-18 months after contract execution. We feel that each book deserves the time and attention it would receive from a (reputable) established publisher. Our editors work closely with each author to develop the manuscript to its full potential. This may take three rounds of edits; it may take six. Each book is different and will be worked on according to individual needs, but every book will go through at least two rounds of edits. During edits, a marketing plan is being specifically tailored to each book. Once the edits are complete and galleys are available (approximately 4 months before release), copies will be sent to reviewers, announcements will be made and marketing done through various media outlets, and a blog tour will be scheduled. We strongly believe that it takes time to produce and market a quality eBook.