While I'm sure it won't come as any surprise to the people who posted to this thread, I figured it was - for posterity's sake - worth mentioning that RFP will cease to exist as of July 1, 2015. This is kind of amusing, since this company has been without an editor-in-chief for all of 2014 and to the best of my knowledge only released two titles this entire year - both of which were owed on contracts signed at its inception. While those two novels were moderately successful, that was due entirely to the tireless work of the authors, both of whom are multi-published elsewhere with large fan followings. Essentially, they could've self-pubbed and done as well as they did.

All this said, I'd like to state (since I can't change the fact that my name is permanently associated with this entity) that I thoroughly enjoyed working with every single author I had the privilege of coming into contact with through RFP. They were all talented, inspiring, and hard-working. I hope when their rights revert they take them to reputable, professional publishing houses and try again.

For myself, I'm counting this as an important learning experience. I will never, EVER again accept any kind of editing job payable by royalty only, and I advise any other editors to RUN, not walk, from any contract that doesn't pay you for your work and/or time up front.

No amount of experience or networking is worth the aggravation of editing book after book and not even being able to buy a McDonald's value meal with your "paycheck."

That's all. Rant complete. Have a lovely Samhain, all!