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Thread: Educating Tinman

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    Question Educating Tinman

    So far, I've been writing poems here by the seat of my pants. Holding that seat up to the light, I think it's getting a bit threadbare. Which, to carry the metaphor a step farther, means that some day soon my a** may be showing. Which would be oh so wrong on so many levels.

    I am in the process of looking for a workshop or class to audit in the Dallas area. In the meantime, my son, knowing of my recent efforts, bought two books for me as birthday gifts. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with them and has a comment to share:

    One is called: "A Poet's Guide to Poetry", by Mary Kinzie.

    The second is called: "Letters to a Young Poet", by Rainer Maria Rilke

    Thoughts if you have them.
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    "We do not talk - we bludgeon one another with facts and theories gleaned from cursory readings of newspapers, magazines and digests."

    Henry Miller

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