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Thread: Curiosity Quills Press

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    Quiet lurker BinaryCat's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Toronto, Ontario
    Well, I have an update with my relationship with CQ. Long story short: I'm no longer impressed. Obviously, as a newcomer to the publishing industry, I don't have any experience to compare this to, so keep that in mind. This is just my experience and my understanding of what's been happening. I've had solid reviews and great feedback directly from readers, but the lack of support is crippling.

    While I only have heard second-hand of complaints from other authors, I know my own experiences have gotten much worse since the initial signing of the contract. I've had to pester them to try anything. There's a bookstore in my hometown that was happy to host an event, when I spoke to them myself. I understand that the publisher wants to be/should be the main point of contact with stores and such, but after I passed the reigns to CQ (as requested)...nothing.

    I asked them to look into bookstores, both independent and chain. I sent them a list of bookstores and such as they requested - another month went by without anything. And recently I learned that they hadn't even tried to pick up the phone yet, after several months (keep in mind, I first started this dialogue months ago).

    Maybe this low level of assistance is 'normal' for the industry; I don't know. I do know that, from where I'm sitting, I've basically been set adrift with little to no support.

    Or maybe they're working like frantic monkeys behind the scenes. I just doubt it.
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    My urban fantasy novel, The Unquiet Dead, is now available on Amazon and Kindle! Published by Curiosity Quills Press.

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