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Thread: Curiosity Quills Press

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    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd pop in regarding my post that I made in August about my journey with CQ. Things are going fantastically, and I can assure ANYONE who is considering this company that CQ is legit. Like, really really legit. One of my fellow authors was recently in Huffington Post and the books on this company are definitely selling. Best of all, on top of a re-launch of their website, CQ has some really exciting things happening in the year ahead. I can't go into detail, but trust me, they are things that all authors hope for.

    As for me, I'm just finishing round two edits with my editor. She is fantastic and everything you'd expect from a real editor -- empathetic, but ultimately she kicks my butt (and my manuscript) into shape when I need it. I cannot tell you how good of an experience I've had so far, and I don't even have a release date yet (but they're thinking late winter 2014 -- watch out world!)

    In any case, I recommend keeping these guys in mind in your submission process. Don't write them off because of a perceived shaky beginning two years ago. They're great.
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