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Thread: Secularism

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    Anybody in here interested in an exploration of secularism? Does it actually exists?


    In what follows, an attempt is made to highlight the logical
    difficulty there is in the ways of formulating the idea of secularism
    as a principle of disjunction between the affairs of spiritual and
    natural world. Drawing insights from the historical conditions in
    which the conceptual formulation and reformulation of idea of
    secularism have become a theoretical imperative for the modern
    civilizations, an argument is advanced here to show that secularism
    serves to provide a different logic of religion itself. Contrary to
    the understanding of religionist, anti-religionist, or agnost
    (irreligionist), secularism seems to be a disguised logic of
    theologiocracy which has been substituted for theocracy with the
    emergence of liberal democracy. Theocracy is a system of governance
    where political decisions are made to fulfill the divine will
    represented by a particular religious head. Whereas, theologiocracy is
    a process of governance in a society with no declared state-religion,
    one or many theologies exert political power in their favor. The
    intangible means of power-holds of theologiocracy seems felt more
    apparent in controlling the social affairs and civil politics of faith
    community than in organizing policy decisions of the state.

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