I run a local forum (link in sig), and we recently held a fund raiser to sponsor a Baseball for Youth team in my city. We're currently holding a nomination/vote system to determine the name of "our" team. One of the members is going to coach, we're going to meet up at the games, it's going to be a blast!

On top of that, I'm going to be doing feature articles on the front page of our site about the team we sponsored - the games, the kids, etc. I'm looking forward to that as a great writing side project and a gift to the kids and the BfY program (not that I'm God's gift to writing, but it's what I like to do and a different way I can give to people).

Here's my issue: I'm not really a sports fan! I think it's awesome as heck that we're doing this, and will be excited for our team, will go to the games, etc. I'm just not what you would consider a proper baseball fan. I know how the game works, but I don't have any historical perspective, reference points, etc.

I want to paint the best picture possible for the articles, so I'm wondering if there are any tips I could glean from people who like to write about sports. Are there certain elements that set sports writing apart, or should I just "call it as I see it?"

Would appreciate any advice you could pitch my way.

And GOOOOOOOO [name to be determined]!!!