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Thread: When writing about Muslim characters

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    Jun 2014
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    I have quite a few Muslim characters. The protagonist of my WWII novel set in Bosnia is a Muslim. He's not strict at all, and since he's from Bosnia, he looks European. He refers to God as Allah numerous times in my text, and there is discussion of things such as praying, fasting, and mosque etiquette (for example, mosques usually require you to remove your shoes).

    I've had other Muslim characters in my stories - mostly Turkish or South Asian since those two groups were the majority of Muslims that I've met. Sometimes people forget that Turks are Muslim because usually they're less open about it, plus they are often light-skinned and occasionally even light-haired (in one fandom I joined, I have a Turkish character who is blond and green-eyed). The Muslims I grew up with were mostly not that religious - they dressed in Western clothing (some of the guys wore shorts and many of the girls didn't wear hijab), listened to music, and frequently had non-Muslim friends. In many Western countries, more conservative Muslims have set up Muslim schools for Muslim students. Usually the less religious ones send their kids to public school. Unlike the UK or Sweden, we don't have Muslim-dominated neighborhoods (many parts of Malmo are almost exclusively Muslim immigrants), and most Muslims I know live next door to non-Muslims.

    It's quite rare to see a book written by a non-Muslim that has a Muslim protagonist.
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