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Thread: Dear John .. advice from the tundra

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    nutruring tomorrows criminals today PorterStarrByrd's Avatar
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    Dear John .. advice from the tundra

    When all sane advice has failed, when the last fetid breath of hope has dissipated there remains one last option. The fuel that can make the dying ember of love into a roaring forest fire in the jungle of love or just cause it to burn your house down can be found right here.

    John, a six time loser, (by official count only) is willing to help you with unparallel advice. Drawing from the Dear John Handbook he can provided advice and answers that are sure to change your luck in love.

    When he is home, awake, sober, and thawed out you can count on a rushed reply. At other times it is in the generous nature of AW members to step into the breach and do their best to substitute for him

    Even now he may be standing by for your “Dear John” letter .. or not
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    We have met the enemy and he is us - Pogo
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