Hello! I am seeking submissions for a small (circ. 21,000) parenting/family themed publication distributed to families in south Mississippi. This is an advertiser supported publication that aims to provide content relevant to families living here in Mississippi. Although we will consider work submitted by writers outside of this area if it references the Mississippi coast, a strong preference is given to writers from this area. We will also CONSIDER reprints if the content is relevant or has been tailored to our market.

We offer $25 per 500-600 word simple 3rd person nonfiction piece on topics related to parenting, summer camps, pediatric health, holidays, education, etc. Nothing fancy, research heavy, or esoteric. This may be a good chance for someone looking to get started, or someone seeking publishing credits. Additionally, if a writer does good work and is specifically located in the coastal counties of Mississippi, they will be considered for an ongoing relationship with our publication. There is no guarantee of acceptance, but the odds increase significantly if you are willing to write on an assigned topic.

Any interested writers, particularly if they are based in south Mississippi, should contact me at GulfCoastMama@hotmail.com. I will then provide more info on the publication, guidelines, immediate needs, etc.