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Thread: FAQ: How And When To Report a Post

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    FAQ: How And When To Report a Post

    What Does It Mean To Report A Post?

    Sometimes you'll be happily reading along on AW threads when you hit a post that makes you blink rapidly and re-read it, because you can't believe someone actually posted that.

    It might be something that you think is just hate-mongering and mean. (You might want to read the section on Language in the Newbie's Guide.) It might be something that strikes you as coming from someone who needs help, either in terms of how to use AW from a technical point of view, or in terms of someone needing mod intervention before they completely ruin their reputation with the rest of the community and the Internet as a whole.

    What to do? You could PM the mods for a particular forum, or MacAllister, the owner. All the mods are listed on the top page, to the right of the forums they mod. There's also a complete list of all the mods here.

    But often is quicker to use the Report Post function.

    To Report a Post

    To the left of every post, under the poster's avatar, is a little warning triangle like this:

    That's the Report Post button. Click the button, and fill out a form that looks rather like this:

    Please fill it out, including the reason you think the post needs to be reported.

    • The form will magically attach a link to the thread, and to the specific post.
    • It will identify you as having sent it.

    When and Why to Report a Post

    As the form says, use the Report Post funtion to:

    • Report spam
    • Advertising messages,
    • Problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.
    • When something seems off, or odd, or troubling about a post or poster.

    Don't use the Report Post Function

    • Simply because you don't agree with the post or dislike a poster. Disagreement is not a problem; hostile disagreement might be.

    If there's a poster that always pushes your buttons, you can put that member on Ignore. Here's How To Put Another Member On Ignore.

    What Happens When You Report A Post

    A a highly-focussed laser initiating from the super-secret mod-hiding room will automatically target the offending poster's entire posting history, and obliterate it.

    No, that doesn't happen. Yet.

    A copy of the report will go to all the mods of the forum where that post lives. If the forum has no mods, it goes to MacAllister and the Admin.

    Reporting a post doesn't result in automatic bannanation.

    It might result in a thread being locked, or a mod posting in the thread, or contacting the poster behind the scenes, or in spam magically disappearing.

    You might not hear back from anyone about the reported post, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't read (it was!) or that nothing was done.

    The form doesn't say this, but sometimes, you might see a really good post and think "Gee, that ought to be stickied," or just see something that you think the mods really ought to know about.

    Feel free to let the mods know about good stuff too; mods and supermods and MacAllister hear a lot more negative stuff than they hear positive stuff.

    ETA: Feel free to report this FAQ post all you want. JVC and jst5150 love to get mail. Be sure to use lots of smilies.
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