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Thread: Received A Letter Today

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    Received A Letter Today

    Well, I received a letter today from non other than Mr. Victor E Cretella III, himself. He stated that he was "directed" as the "attorney"for Publish America to send me the letter to address my "wrongful behavior", specifically my publishing a number of false and disparging statements about PA on Absolute Write website. Among other things I called PA a scam. Mr. Cretella stated these statements are "actionable as defamation and should be removed from the internet now". The letter went on to quote legal cases and ending with the case of David Kuzminski, owner of Preditors and Editors who was ordered to pay $53,000 in damages. Mr. Cretella used one of my website authors as an example, saying that his statements are non-existent, that he "manufactured them out of thin air. He also stated that another one of my author member's complaints were patently frivoulous and that her expectations were clearly unreasonable. This gentleman is clearly using intimidation tactics to get me to back off. He does not realize that I work in the legal field and know intimidation when I smell it. I phoned my attorney when I received the letter and faxed it to him. We welcome any litigation Mr. Cretella and PA wishes to bring. I am sure Mr. Cretella will know about this posting soon enough and that is fine. The fact that this company believes they can strong arm and otherwise intimidate people infuriates me and it's time more people take a stand. I shall continue to post here as long as AW will permit me to do so and I will continue to post on my personal website as well as my website for authors, the Eclectic Authors Showcase. If they can have their minons spying on these websites they deserve to see what people think and know about their company. If I can save one writer from going through what I have gone through with this company it will be worth it. I was also notified by one of the authors who is joining me in the group effort to obtain our publishing rights back that he also received a "nasty letter" threating suit. I look forward to what a court of law will have to say when this company's tactics are brought to light.
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