Heh. I said 'tool'.

Anyhoo -- a short time ago I mentioned my Superspeshul Outlining Tool in another thread; the MS Excel spreadsheet I use for those works I outline.

A few AWers asked if they could have a look at it, so I thought, why not open it up to the great unwashed?

It's a three-page spreadsheet, with formulae for chapter averages, day's total, total wordcount, how many days' work left, all that sort of thing, pre-entered into the document.

Trust me; it'll make more sense if/when you see it.

So if anyone's as hot for organisation as I am, drop me a PM or email, or post in this thread, and I'll email you a copy of my scarletpeaches SuperSpeshul Spreadsheet o' Destiny when I get home later this evening.

SP, spreading her OCD one spreadsheet at a time