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Thread: Transferring a book from publishers to self-published...?

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    Transferring a book from publishers to self-published...?

    Hi my name's Sheza and I did manage to publish my first book (a memoir) with a publisher in the UK called "Chipmunka Publishing". As time has gone by I've become increasingly fed up with them and believe that I have, in a sense, actually been conned.

    A thread about them has already been done in case you want a bit of background info regarding who they are ---------->

    The book's going nowhere. Few are ever going to read it seeing as Chipmunka have NO promotion to speak of for ANY of their books (other than the CEO Jason Pegler's own book "A can of madness"), they do not get ANY of their books into any shops, sell at ridiculously expensive prices (in such a time of austerity) and the author will see little of his royalties (if any).

    My book was called "The Undesirable"
    ( ).

    Basically, I want out. I want out so that I can get this book as an e-book, on Kindle, Lulu whatever (forgive me, I'm new to this so I don't know all the options as yet) - Is it possible for me to do this if I had already signed a contract with them in 2010?

    Can I just withdraw and then see into getting the book out elsewhere.

    The whole experience with Chipmunka has left me feeling a failure already (so much for the "empowerment" this Jason Pegler speaks of). I wish to completely 'terminate' from Chipmunka (yep, almost a 'vanity press' in disguise, despite, strangely, actually receiving Arts Council Funding in the UK) but Mr Pegler is a very arrogant man.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
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