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Thread: Radical Terza-Rima-Renga-O-Rama!!

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    Radical Terza-Rima-Renga-O-Rama!!

    If you’re reading this thread, it’s probably because the title made you go ‘hmmm’. So let’s break it down:

    Adjective: (esp. of change or action) Relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
    Noun: A person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform.
    adjective. fundamental - drastic

    Terza Rima is an open verse form constructed from an indefinite number of three-line stanzas that makes use of interlocking rhyme thus: aba bcb cdc ded and so on. There is no pre-defined line measure or metre, but most English poets will use iambic/trochaic pentameter or hexameter.

    Renga is one genre of Japanese collaborative poetry, otherwise referred to as linked poetry or shared poetry. It will generally consists of at least two ‘ku’ (or stanzas) but can range up to many, many more. The first stanza of the traditional renga is known as the hokku and is what evolved into the modern haiku.

    The term ‘O-Rama’ usually implies a greater-than-usual number, volume, or variety of a specified thing and may also be used to form commercial names and other words for events and displays and spectacles.

    This is what I’m proposing:

    • a renga where the stanza form of choice is terza rima (including the interlocking rhyme scheme);
    • each post is done by a different (or returning) poet;
    • the first and third line of each new post rhyme with the second line of the previous post;
    • no requirement to follow theme (optional with extra shiny bonus rep-points if you do);
    • no set line measure, so go 5-7-5 or pentametric, or simply write lines of 6, or 8, or however many syllables whether uniform or not—the importance is on us making Terza Rima into Renga.

    Okay, so it’s not quite radical, and if no one gets involved, it won’t exactly be an ‘o-rama’ either, but let’s at least see where it goes

    As is customary, I’ll go first to illustrate:

    It dawned on me, not long after the setting sun,
    risen with the moon against the livid skyline:
    'Terza Rima Renga'—purest inspiration!

    Next Post has lines 1 and 3 rhyme with 'skyline' and a new rhyme for line 2. You go...
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    Kieran Borsden
    "to be born Welsh, is to be born--not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with song in your heart, and poetry in your soul"

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    Got to write an Englyn or 2

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