Thanks for the interest! The "we" in Henery Press is me and my small staff of three. They help with day-to-day business operations while Iím the one working directly with the authors -- which includes acquisitions and editing.

My editing background is all fiction: mysteries, romance, romantic suspense, and some thrillers (with strong romantic elements). I've been editing for the last six years and I've been privileged to work with some outstanding writers. I'm quite a tough critter; I'm won't let a flat scene go unnoticed or let a weak sentence sneak by. But I don't believe honesty needs to be brutal -- it's all in the words I choose.

Henery Press mainly publishes ebooks, though we publish each title in print form (simultaneously). I want to stress our focus is on ebooks with distribution through the main venues: Amazon, Barnes, iBookstore, Sony, and Kobo. Print distribution is through Amazon and Barnes, and available in the Ingram catalog.

Here's the "net" description straight from our contract: Net sales are defined as the total dollar amount actually received by the Publisher from the wholesale or retail sale of the Work minus the total dollar amount of any returns of the Work.

Like everything else in your writing journey, this is all about what works for you. Whether you sign with an agent, the big six, a small press, or go it alone, find what fits your style, your goals, and your personality.

Hope this helps!