Now this isn't fact... but it's definitely something to think of when it comes to marketing your work.

Let's be honest!

I believe many of us don't read outside of what we know, can relate to, and feel at home with. When you feel like something totally doesn't pertain to you or anyone you know, unless you're one of those people who likes stepping outside your comfort to find interest in other areas, then you kinda.........don't care?

I feel as though many whites may feel black books are "Hood Books" when that is merely a genre in the black book market.

I feel as though many blacks may feel that white books are "Corny Fantasy Books" when Fantasy is merely a genre. And I use the expression "Corny" as in: Unrealistic/Fake/Phony, etc...

I think we should give each other a chance and stop being so closed minded when it comes to art. Art is beautiful and expressed in so many different ways.

If you can sit and watch a Science Fiction movie, why not try picking up a Science Fiction book?
I used that example because that is me. I'll watch Science Fiction, but my best friend writes it and each time he'd ask me to read for editing purposes, I used to drown in boredom before even picking it up. I didn't even give it a chance before assuming it'd dry my interest. Then I did one day... and it was okay! I was impressed.

Just something to think of.