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Thread: What's on your playlist?

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    I'm a monster. I'm a saint. Missus Akasha's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    What's on your playlist?

    All authors have different ways of finding inspiration when it comes to writing their WIPs. Music is one of mine. I can safely say that I do not recall a time where I sat down at my computer to write and didn't have a song playing on one of my iTunes playlists or plugging in headphones to listen to music on my phone. I have songs for different moods I am trying to write or sometimes I just use songs to formulate a fake movie scene in my head starring my characters. I am always looking for different bands and artists.

    For my current WIP, Thicker Than Blood, my playlist is:

    Black Dog - Kelli Schaefer
    Baby Now - Nichole Alden
    Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones
    Creator - Santigold
    Dance Without You - Skylar Grey
    Devil In A New Dress - Kanye West
    Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    One More Night - Stars
    Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
    Psychotic Girl - The Black Keys
    Spanish Sahara - Foals
    Strange Times - The Black Keys

    So I am curious, forum. What's on your playlist?
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    I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.

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    ~ cosmia's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    OKC, Oklahoma
    "Born to Die" by Lana del Rey is essentially the theme song for my current YA WIP. "252" by Gem Club is good for the more depressing scenes (well, they're all kind of depressing, but...) and "Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio Cover)" by Anna Calvi for the more badass scenes.

    When I'm working on my MG project, I listen to "Panis Et Circenses" by Os Mutantes and "My Slumbering Heart" by Rilo Kiley.

    I don't really have a full playlist for these or anything. I think by the time I finish both of my novels though, I might - I imagine I'll gradually gather songs, but at the moment I'm satisfied with the few I have. Most of the time I'm just content to write with silence, so I'm not actively seeking more music.
    "It’s immoral to tell a story which has a specific beginning and conclusion." - Federico Fellini

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    I'm not the writer I used to be. maddicharmed's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    I just can't write in silence. I need to listen to music, no matter what it is. I don't have any certain songs for a certain story, I just don't want to write in complete and utter silence.
    I blog.

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    Totes Legit Author Becca C.'s Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    near Vancouver, BC
    I usually can't write with music on -- but the odd scene, usually only one per manuscript, is so absolutely fuelled by a particular song that it has to play on repeat to get the mood right.

    In my current WIP, there's a sort-of sex scene that is totally driven by "2 Become 1" by Spice Girls. Embarrassing, yes, but you can't argue with music sometimes.
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    Learning to read more, post less
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    Dec 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    I'll just name the three Billy Joel songs I have for my story.
    The Downeaster "Alexa"(obviously)
    I Go To Extremes
    This Is The Time

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    practical experience, FTW mickeyDs4's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Spokane, WA
    I have a Pandora station that's called Irish/Instrumental. It's all Celtic Women/Thunder, Josh Groban, and film scores.
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    Potterhead Gleek lisalulu09's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    This is the playlist for Sticks and Stones at the moment:

    "When You're Around" - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Bad Romance" - Glee Cast
    "I Want To Hold Your Hand" - Glee Cast
    "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" - Slow Moving Millie
    "On Fire" - Switchfoot
    "I Hate Everything About You" - Three Days Grace
    "Blue and Yellow" - The Used
    "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" - Buzzcocks
    "Gravity" - Sara Bareilles
    "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" - Belinda Carlise
    "Come Down With Love" - Allstar Weekend
    "Somewhere In Between" - Lifehouse
    "The Only Exception" - Glee Cast
    "Hopeful Romantic" - This Century
    "It's My Life" - Bon Jovi
    "Human" - Darren Criss
    "Keeper" - Yellowcard
    "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" - Reliant K
    "The Reason" - Hoobastank
    "Only One" - Yellowcard
    "If It Kills Me" - Jason Mraz
    "My Life Would Suck Without You" - Glee Cast
    "Stuck With Each Other" - Shontelle feat. Akon
    "All I Need" - Within Temptation
    "Silly Love Songs" - Glee Cast
    "Just A Kiss" - Lady Antebellum
    "Lightning" - The Wanted
    "Teenage Dream" - Glee Cast
    "Breathless" - The Corrs
    "Like A Virgin" - Glee Cast
    "Hope For The Hopeless" - A Fine Frenzy
    "Beautiful" - Glee Cast
    "Perfect" - Glee Cast
    "Just The Way You Are" - Glee Cast
    "Firework" - Glee Cast
    "Defying Gravity (Chris Colfer/Kurt Solo Version)" - Glee Cast
    "All You Need Is Love" - Dana Fuchs & Jim Sturgess ("Across The Universe")

    It's very long now, and more songs will be added to it, but as I write, I will be refining it so that it becomes a soundtrack.
    Stupid Cupid - YA Paranormal Romance - On hold ()
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    Untitled - MG Fantasy - Resting
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    Untitled - YA Paranormal Romance - Writing the first draft

    "Girlfriend in a Coma" - Douglas Coupland


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    Twitchy Niiicola's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    New England
    Pandora is great because you can make multiple "stations" and each one can have a different mood. You have to put in a little time upfront to refine all the choices it gives you, but it's great because it'll play you new stuff within your theme. Sometimes I get really inspired by songs I've never heard before on there.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin BriMeetsBooks's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Cincinnati area
    I've discovered that I work well listening to French pop but I also have this soundtrack to FUNNY THING:

    Glee cast - I Love New York/New York New York
    MGMT - Kids
    REM - Leaving New York
    Fun - We Are Young

    Still a work in progress

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    Potterhead Gleek lisalulu09's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Lemme guess. It's set in New York.
    Stupid Cupid - YA Paranormal Romance - On hold ()
    Untitled - MG Fantasy - Resting
    Untitled - MG Fantasy - Resting
    Sherlock Holmes' Apprentice - MG Historical Mystery - On hold
    Untitled - YA Paranormal Romance - Writing the first draft

    "Girlfriend in a Coma" - Douglas Coupland


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    practical experience, FTW Windcutter's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I rarely have music on when I'm writing because I get distracted, but I tend to have a playlist or at least a theme song for every story. I listen to them when I'm watching the story-movie in my mind and when I need to get in the mood.

    The ultra-short playlist for Project A:

    Shangri-La - Angela
    Der Weg In Walghal (Richard Vagner)

    For BLEEDING VIOLETS (working title, since there is a recent YA novel Bleeding Violet):

    Last Waltz - Rasmus
    Lizard Skin no Shoujo - BUCK-TICK
    Metallisydan - Terasbetoni
    My Velvet Little Darkness - Lacrimas Profundere
    Angel's Grave - ALI Project
    Child of the Damned - Hammerfall

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    practical experience, FTW auriel's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    For my current WIP, I have a variety of songs that seem to fit the moods of different scenes. Some of them are instrumental (I find it hard to write sometimes with lyrics going through my head instead of words I intend to type), usually violins and pianos, or songs in different languages. Here's a few:

    "Viva La Vida" - Coldplay
    "The Call" - Regina Spektor
    "At the End of the Day" - Les Miserables
    "Not Gonna Get Us" - T.A.T.U.
    "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" - the Glee/Kurt version
    "Fix You" - Coldplay
    "Ave Maria" - Celine Dion
    "The Last Rose of Summer" - performed a capella by Famm
    "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" - performed by Ralph Stanley
    "Sanctuary" - Hikaru Utada

    It's a weird mix, but they all somehow speak to the different moods and attitudes going on. I usually play a few when I start writing and then switch to silence after I get into the groove.

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    Potterhead Gleek lisalulu09's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    I LOVE "The Call". It is a beautiful song.
    Stupid Cupid - YA Paranormal Romance - On hold ()
    Untitled - MG Fantasy - Resting
    Untitled - MG Fantasy - Resting
    Sherlock Holmes' Apprentice - MG Historical Mystery - On hold
    Untitled - YA Paranormal Romance - Writing the first draft

    "Girlfriend in a Coma" - Douglas Coupland


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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin BriMeetsBooks's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Cincinnati area
    Quote Originally Posted by lisalulu09 View Post
    Lemme guess. It's set in New York.
    Oh, you've underestimated my cunning deception.

    It's about a road trip to to New York!

    Added a new song "Runnin' Down a Dream" - Tom Petty

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    I've got two saved on Grooveshark...


    Same series, so they share some music, but are slightly different...

    Anyone else on Grooveshark?

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    figuring it all out
    Join Date
    Dec 2011
    My recently updated writing playlist includes:
    All is Full of Love-Bjork
    Words-Skylar Grey
    The Vent-Big KRIT
    Where is my Mind-Yoav & Emily Browning
    Sweet Dreams-Emily Browning
    Intruder Alert-Lupe Fiasco
    Street Lights-Kanye West
    We All Complete-Rachel Portman
    Rock Bottom-Eminem
    Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
    Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence-Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Energy Flow-Ryuichi Sakamoto
    I Hate You-Kendrick Lamar
    Samson-Regina Spektor
    Fallen-Sarah Mclahlan
    Til I get Over You-Michelle Branch
    What I Wouldn't Give-Holly Brook
    Dream-Priscilla Ahn
    Never is a Promise-Fiona Apple
    Day Too Soon-Sia Furler

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    Absorbing inspiration from the moon owlion's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    United Kingdom
    Currently, I'm listening to the Machinae Supremacy album 'A View from the End of the World'. It's got everything I need in it to write well

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    practical experience, FTW
    Join Date
    Dec 2010
    Kids in Love-Mayday Parade

    Adorable-Artist vs. Poet

    Forever Girl-Forever the Sickest Kids

    Simple Enough-Never Shout Never

    Alive-Artist vs. Poet

    Sleep-My Chemical Romance

    Crush'd-Say Anything

    Under a Paper Moon-All Time Low

    You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds-Mayday Parade

    I Must Be Dreaming-The Maine

    She's a Lady-Forever the Sickest Kids

    Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal-All Time Low

    Bulletproof Love-Pierce the Veil

    What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)-Forever the Sickest Kids

    Do You Want Me (Dead?)-All Time Low

    I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious-Forever the Sickest Kids

    Candle (Sick and Tired)-The White Tie Affair

    You Do, You Don't-The Friday Night Boys

    A Shot Across the Bow-Mayday Parade

    Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off-Panic! At the Disco
    I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing At All-Mayday Parade

    Bruised and Scarred-Mayday Parade

    Miserable At Best-Mayday Parade

    Stay Away From My Friends-Pierce the Veil

    Tough Love-Forever the Sickest Kids

    Trade Mistakes-Panic! At the Disco

    Still Breathing-Mayday Parade

    She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty-Pierce the Veil

    It's Not A Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking it Must Be Love-Fall Out Boy

    Bokura no mirai. -LM.C

    There's a ton of Mayday Parade... But what can I say. Good music is good music. I feel like when I listen to these songs in order it's like they're telling the story of my two MC's.

    Oh and these aren't on my playlist but both "Sanctuary" (or Passion) and "Simple and Clean" (or Hikari) by Utada Hikaru are beautiful and make me think of my MC.

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    The Mikel Jollett obsession might seem a little strange if I didn't say I constantly listen to The Airborne Toxic Event.
    Writing, Mikel Jollett love, and book reviews with baked goods.

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    Dreaming of Waltzes & Fantasy Lands flarue's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Beyond the boundaries of Fantasia
    Currently, it's this. I'll probably be adding more as time goes on, but this is what I have so far :

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    my day, your day, lovely day Carissa's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Most of the time, I don't write to music with lyrics (or at least not lyrics I can understand). Some of my favorites by artist/album:

    Mum - Finally We Are No One
    Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation
    The Future Sounds of London - Lifeforms and Accelerator
    RJD2 - Deadringer
    Sigur Ros ... Anything by Sigur Ros
    Four Tet
    Explosions in the Sky

    My playlist for getting in the mood to write is different. Right now, my Spotify playlist is:

    Silvia - Miike Snow
    Satellite - Guster
    I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
    I Drive Alone - Esthero
    Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + The Machine
    Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
    Boy with a Coin - Iron and Wine
    Tired of Being Sorry - Ringside
    Struggle - Ringside
    Wonder - Dan Black
    Breathe - Telepopmusik
    Desert - Emilie Simon
    Breathe Me - Sia
    They - Jem
    Sundrenched World - Joshua Radin
    The Hill - Marketa Irglova

    My Books:
    FIREGIRL - MG Steampunk Fantasy
    GO NOT QUIETLY - YA Sci-Fi Retelling
    FARLIGHT - YA Starship-Based Sci-Fi

    Twitter: CarissaATaylor
    Instagram: CarissaWrites
    I'm (often) a willing beta reader! Interested? Check my availability here

    Represented by Jason Anthony of Lippincott Massie McQuilkin

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    The Dragon's Daughter Arclight's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2011
    "She's Lost Control" - Joy Division
    "My Revenge on the World" - Ayria
    "Save Your Serpent" - Ego Likeness
    "Hill" - Hungry Lucy
    "It's the Fear" - Within Temptation
    "Endless Reverie" - Azam Ali
    "Stupid Girl" - Garbage
    "Control" - Poe
    "Second Skin" - Ego Likeness
    "Sophia" - The Crüxshadows
    "Kingdom" - VNV Nation
    "Mofo" - U2
    “Joy” - VNV Nation
    "Damaged" - Assemblage 23
    “Bloodlines" - The Cruxshadows
    "Stand My Ground" - Within Temptation
    "Silence" - Assemblage 23
    "Dead is the New Alive" - Emilie Autumn
    "Standing" - VNV Nation
    "Behind the Crimson Door" - HIM
    "Enjoy the Silence" - Depeche Mode
    “Hanging by a Moment” - Lifehouse
    "Horrible Dream" - Ayria
    "Monsters" - The Crüxshadows
    "Mad World" - Gary Jules
    "Hemorrhage" - Fuel
    "Demon Days" - Gorillaz
    "Coming Undone" - Korn
    "Out of the Shadows" - Sarah McLachlan
    "Angel" - Sarah McLachlan
    "Temptation Waits" - Garbage
    “If I Was Your Vampire” - Marilyn Manson
    “Living Dead Girl” - Rob Zombie
    "Binary" - Assemblage 23
    “The Wanderer” - U2
    "Winter Born (Club/Radio Edit)" - The Crüxshadows
    "Save Your Serpent" - Ego Likeness
    "Human Behavior" - Bjork
    "The Farthest Star" - VNV Nation
    "Ground" - Assemblage 23

    When I'm writing, I don't usually listen to music with lyrics, because the lyrics can be distracting. I listen to a lot of instrumental music when I'm writing.
    Lord, let me be brave,
    And let me, while I craft my tales, be wise,
    Let me say true things in a voice that is true,
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    Feb 2008
    Right now, listening to a lot of Malice Mizer. I love Gackt, I think he's awesome. I also listen to a lot of game soundtracks and I listen to Green Day, Ramstien, Juno Reactor, and a whole slew of other people. I love music, it can be inspirational. It can be distracting though.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
    Join Date
    Sep 2010
    It's kind of depressing in a good way......hopefully that makes sense

    make me wanna die- pretty reckless
    video games- lana del rey
    rumor has it- glee mash up
    think about you- frank ocean
    swim good- frank ocean
    heavy in your arms- florence & the machine

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    The Juno Soundtrack.
    Paradise, Yellow, and The Scientist - Coldplay
    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    Various other stuff that I'm too lazy to type out, so the above should give you the main gist.

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