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But they've already shown up at your site for some reason--why not put the picture in, say, the header at the top of your site?

Also, if there's going to be *sound* (you mentioned "narration"), you very definitely do not want that to be the first thing that shows up for a reader. Usually I have sound off, but if I happened to have it on and a site starts talking/playing music without my having clicked on a link that says "please play music/give me narration"--I'm hitting the back button faster than you can blink.

Now: 1) I don't think you answered my question about Blogspot.

2) Why do you want a *blog*? The usefulness of a blog is that it can be regularly and easily updated with discrete posts. It sounds like you want a general website about your work, with perhaps a blog *component* for updates and news.
I have pictures on my blog? I haven't put anything on my blog...not text or pictures. My pictures aren't fully edited.

In answer to question two, perhaps in the end I should have both?