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Thread: W1S1 January Blog Chain

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    Mar 2008

    W1S1 January Blog Chain

    Last month we did a blog chain on our plan of attack for 2012.

    This month the blog chain topic is 'An interview with a character.'

    I was going to do up a list of questions, but haven't had a chance, so why not a free for all? If you're a noveleer, then you could interview the POV character of your current WIP, and if you're a short story architect you could interview a character from one of your current crop of stories.

    Let's try to keep our posts to a reasonable length. Maybe a 1k upper limit?

    Not sure what questions to ask your character? Here's a few random links i found (i'm such a keen researcher! ): Questionnaire 2.

    Now, i was thinking we could kick off this blog chain on the 12/01/12. That should give us all time to get back from holidays, etc, as well as time to conduct the interview.

    Like last month, we'll go in the order of signing up (i'll maintain a list in this post), and once the first person posts, then the next will have 2 days to get their post up and so on. If someone can't get their post up in that timeframe (life has a habit of getting in the way of things, doesn't it?), the chain will move onto the next person and the person that missed will slot in again at the end of the chain.

    In our post, if possible, can we link to the blogs/posts of the people above and below us in the chain, as well as to this thread, so readers can get the whole list.

    Once our post is up, can we let everybody know here, with a direct link to the post? Don't worry if you need to double-post to do so.

    So, who's keen?

    January participant list:

    Kick-off 12/01/12

    Izz: Post Up
    PriyankaB: Post Up
    rialrees: Post Up
    bettieliee: Post Up
    Hunter Emkay: Post Up
    Amberly: Post Up
    Aggy B: Post Up
    defcon6000: Post Up
    Annie Colleen: Post Up (guest post at Izz's blog)
    soapdish: Post Up
    DiannaG: Post Up
    KitCat: Post Up
    bdwilson: Post Up
    Misa Buckley: Post Up
    JenniferB: blog--post not up yet
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