In one of my story ideas, my main character gets turned into a bird, but unless there's only five things to know, I'm not sure how much I know about avians. I wasn't actually sure where I should start researching, so I decided to come here and pester you guys instead. :p

See, though I sort of know how a bird is built (and can look up the stuff about it's anatomy that I don't know), I'm sort of troubled by . . . what being a bird would feel like, I guess (can't think of the term I'm looking for).

One thing the I gleaned off of TV somewhere, is the way bird's lungs work: where a human's lungs . . . er, I probably don't need to explain that. But then a bird's lungs sort of have kind of an extra sort of storgage space to store air, and when they exhale, the air in the extra space goes to the main lung and actually gets used, so basically, even when it exhales it gets more oxygen.

Well, I don't think that's the only thing I might've missed, so I kind of wonder what other things there are that I ought to know about being a bird. Like I said, I'd research this stuff for myself, but I don't know where I should begin. (Shows how much research of things I've done in the past . . .) Anyway, any advice would be nice, be it some facts you'd like to share, some sites I could check out, or maybe just to say something along the lines of "Dude, why didn't you just check out that 'facts about birds' icon that comes default with every computer?"