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There's a certain tone to BR&BC publisher threads: good, bad, and scam. This one's definitely a bad publisher.

All you'd have to do is read half a dozen of the gray-linked threads on (non-scam) defunct publishers and compare it to this one, and you wouldn't be able to tell one from the other.

Sad thing is, I don't just suspect this publisher won't be around in two years. I'd put money down on it. And most likely, their authors will lose the books under contract with them because they won't have proper rights reversion clauses.

Unprofessional public attitude, badly-edited writing samples on their site, poor covers, refusal to answer important questions, and employees who lack basic grammar skills. I've seen it more times than I can count over the last six years. Most of those publishers are gone, and many of them disappeared in a very nasty way for the authors.

Unfortunately, some people have to piss on the fence to know it's electrified even when a dozen people before them showed them it was.
Are you clairvoyant?
Because that is what you would have to be to know with such certainty that they will close.

As for everyone else...GET OFF THEIR BACK...thanks to the lot of you and the personal attacks you made upon me, I have resigned from my job.

Are you all so pure white and innocent that none of you have made mistakes?

Did you all not start somewhere and have people tell you, that you would not make it?

Sure "advise" new writers of what to be aware of but do not tell them that this publisher or that publisher is no good because they have not jumped to your imaginary whip cracking. Or even worse...don't sell their books on their website or have what you would call an acceptable website! Who along the way made the lot of you who have done nothing but "cyber bash" and no I am not pointing the finger at the ones who had asked legitimate questions, just the ones who felt it was their Goddess given right to pull apart everything and then call themselves professional.

I have resigned from my position and hope like I have never hoped before that you will now back off on the attacks and jibes at Naughty Nights Press and let them do their job. Check back on them in 2 years if you feel you must and let their results speak for themselves. But don't go placing them in the same pigeon hole as the ones who have failed. Give them a chance.

Even the biggest publishing houses had to start from the bottom of the pile.