I wanna set a goal, but i don't know enough to guess what's reasonable. right now, i just want to get my novel done, because i don't think i can write anything esle until it's done. even my homework writing has suffered since i started this novel, and i always think the history textbook authors use poor characterization.

i have a detailed outline, a solid story concept all but one of the characters nailed down (see my thread on the novel writing boards.), and some or all of chapters 0,1,2,3,4,19,20,and 22.

22 is the last chapter.

although i know a lot of this will change by the time it's done, my basic question is:

how long is a reasonable amount of time to finish this thing?

let me break it down into steps:

how long should first draft take?

completing revision, such that it is a complte and coherent novel, inconsistenceis having been resolved?

ready for submission?

i know times vary a LOT, but just an estimate?

i need a time frame so i can push myself. deadlines help my motivation.