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Still wondering a little though whether advance printing/returnable copies is something I could negotiate? Especially given the national tour situation? I just send the manuscript last week so we'll see if they even want it.
A publisher that isn't set up to do offset printing and get books into bookstores will not be able to suddenly have that ability. I know you really want this to work and you really want everyone to be wrong and for this to be the easy solution... but it's not going to go down that way.

Your friend has the sort of stats that are a reasonable start for someone who is self-publishing. My guess would be paperback stats are higher than ebook because he promoted it to people he knew and possibly bought copies to handsell. There's nothing wrong with that, but you can't attribute those sales to the publisher. The ebook sales are very low, which is the area where I'd expect a tiny press focused on POD/ebooks to really excel at selling books. They have not excelled.

This press is the worst of both worlds, where you'll have the availability of self-publishing and have to do all the marketing like self-publishing, but in return you'll give up profits and control.