I have several stories already written and comic formatted, ready for an artist to dive into. Most are short stories that are 3-5 pages long, one is 14 pages long and I'm working on five series, at the moment, two of which are already accepted for publishing. Each character in each of the series has a prologue but I only have three characters currently that are attached to an artist.

Herein lies my dilemma. I have a lot characters helping to flesh out the city(s), each with their own story to tell, but I need an artist to bring them to life. Major publishing is the goal and it looks like it will happen sooner than later now that I have a publisher in I'm A Geek Entertainment (which will probably be my main publisher for the rest of the prologues, also).

Also, if anyone is available for pinups and/or concept art, I would like to talk to you, also. There is a lot of artwork on the site and I will help promote you as much as possible, especially if we vibe enough to do more work together.

Thanks all for your consideration,
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