Hey Kitty,

Nice one on taking the responsibility for this! You're a brave girl!

Now, sometimes I get questions pop into my head. I know they're dumb questions but... I don't have anyone I can ask. So... is it ok to ask in here?

I'm not talking offensively stoopid questions but ... well, remember the watermelon conversation we had a few months back? Me and all the rest of the Brits had no real idea about the watermelon and chicken thing.

So I thought maybe a thread where we can come and ask questions of each other without getting laughed at or our heads kicked in could be a good idea. For everybody.

So... I'll start.

You know how white people often see MCs as white people by default. Do people of colour do the same? Or is your default your own colour? Or do you not have a default?

I'm interested in how this works.