Bought a new laptop computer to get me out of the home office and now I'm limited in my writing space by the (a) amount of time my battery lasts or (b) the length of my extension cord. Can you see the 150-foot orange cable snaking down the hill through the pine trees to the little clearing?

But now that I've accomplished that little act of freedom, I need more desperately to learn to find places to submit my little short stories while I wait for compensation to arrive from my soon-to-be published novel. Getting the shorts published is only a matter of finding the right house--just like getting a ride when hitchhiking. Of course, I want to find a good ride, not the back of a pig truck. I'd prefer a couple hundred dollars to five or ten, but you get to a point, you know, when you figure you can make a few pig friends for a free ride.

So that's my goal: to find more places to submit work for pay and to submit any of three fictions I've been working on lately and at the very least make back my subscription to