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Thread: PA and the Serial Killer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stijn Hommes View Post
    So if he ever gets a parole, he can't get a job or write a book. No chance at a rehabilitation at all. Isn't it a great world we live in?

    Don't get me wrong. I don't like the guy, but unless he gets a death sentence, he should have a second chance at life, especially at something as lonely as writing.
    As others have said, Son of Sam just stops you from writing a tell-all "here's exactly how I killed my victims, in graphic, disgusting detail" type book. He can write other books if he wants. Most potential buyers will pass, even if they're well written, because they don't want to give money to someone who treats his fellow humans as prey.

    Personally, I think if people didn't care about that, it would be a much worse world.

    Oh, and since he was convicted in Canada, there is no death penalty. He could have murdered the entire province of British Columbia, and life with possibility of parole in 25 years is the most he could be given.
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