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I couldn't agree more. (Except for the bit I struck out because I didn't see any other mention of presidential candidate concerns in the thread, and wanted to avoid a derail.)
Then don't comment on it rather than striking it out.

It's not a "derail." It's a fact and if I need an editor I'll whistle and I'm not whistling.

The Republican presidential candidates have squawked like irritated chickens in response to the president's announcement. Not that a one of them has any better ideas than to gripe, whine, bitch and complain.

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OTOH, the memory hole is getting shallower ever day, and when I see an administration being praised this week for something they had no desire to do a week ago, and which is apparently happening in large part because the 'host' government won't suspend the rule of law for our soldiers, well, I just can't let the memory hole get that shallow.
First you appoint yourself as an editor and now you're Jiminy Cricket?

I guess the better option would to allow thousands of American troops to remain in Iraq and pouring billions of dollars into rebuilding their infrastructure while allowing this country's to crumble. Oh, and by the way? That Sharia law thing American citizens want no part of here? Let's allow our soldiers to be subject to it there.

Sorry kids. You thought Daddy would be home for the holidays? BZZZZZTTT!!! He has to stay in Iraq because the Republicans say the process that led to their exit is flawed.

Typical. Wherever the American flag is planted the Right-wing insists it must remain in perpetuity. Before the corporations and contractors can move in safely to profit, the grunts have to bleed and die.

Yesterday's liberators become today's occupiers.