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Thread: Tossing my recent self-pubbing and e-pubbing experience out there

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    Tossing my recent self-pubbing and e-pubbing experience out there

    Edited 11-18-11 -- Before you begin reading this thread, I would like to apologize if I, in any way, misled anyone to breach their terms of service contract with Amazon KDP. I now realize that KDP states its authors should not list a lower (or free) book on another sales channel. This could be done for the purpose of price-matching to get an e-book listed as free on Amazon. I would never intentionally advise anyone to breach a contract.


    I have a romance trilogy available in paperback and e-book (CreateSpace, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing) and wanted to see what would happen if I offered the first book in the trilogy free as an e-book.

    I thought there were folks who might be interested in what's happened in the last 48 hours after offering the free e-book.

    Here's my Kindle Direct Publishing report as of a few minutes ago for October.

    The free book has been downloaded over 10,000 times and the second and third book in the trilogy have seen an increase in sales (105 of the second book and 95 of the third book).

    I'm not sure what all of this means long-term, but for now the free book is listed at #12 on the Top 100 Free Kindle Books list. How long it will stay there remains to be seen.

    Oh, and I should mention that the two other books in the trilogy are offered at $.99 cents each.
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