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Thread: Introduce yourself! What do you write?

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    Path vs. Writing

    I went ahead and merged the threads! Hijacked Celestialwolf's thread, if you will! They went together like bread and butter, tea and milk, ahhh, you get the picture!
    FROM FOINAH : Edited to add :
    I'm interested in what the folks here are working on.
    Take a moment and introduce yourselves : Do you write fiction, nonfiction, articles, essays, poetry, guide books... do you weave pagan elements into your tales?

    It will help me to zero in on helpful links or goings on around the pagan community that I can keep updated here for your perusal.

    Don't be shy! Dish!


    As far as I can tell the Pagan forum has been around since 2007 and all we have to show for it is 2 stickies? Were's all my pagan peeps?

    Pagan? Check. Passion for writing? Check. My question for everyone is: Do you write pagan fiction/non-fiction or do you tend to keep your writing and path separate?

    For me, my fiction is separate but most of my non-fiction tends to be about my path or pagan life in general.

    What about you?
    Last edited by Foinah; 10-21-2011 at 04:41 AM.

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