I started doing beading this last year and I am having a ball. I love the bling stuff. I find that my artist eye has really opened back up from years of non-use. (Although never did the beading stuff before.)

Finding the cheapest and best prices for the 'raw' beads has not been easy. I have used several wholesale sites that. so far, have met my needs, but can see I want to upgrade the quality of my materials and still keep within the smallest dollar range that I can.

Any insight or such from you guys would be appreciated. I'm trying to build up my inventory for the swap meet for sometime after Thanksgiving. (Just in time for the holidays.)

Living in Tucson I can't wait till the Gem Show this winter. We have one place that is only jewelry making stuff. I plan to stock up then.

I hope to get a blog up and running soon with some shots of what I have done so far. If you have a site...let me know.