Hmm let's see, it's winter and the story is for children and the story has a winter theme.

Dear Author:

Thank you for sharing your ms with us.

When you send a ms to HIGHLIGHTS, you compete with hundreds of other authors. You win this competion when your piece seems to be the best for our present needs.

All editors have preferences. Our wisdom and judgments are limited. What we reject here may be eagerly accepted elsewhere. Many a noted writer has climbed to success on steps built with early rejection slips. Don't get discouraged!

We are returning your ms because:

__The story is well written, but lacks a fresh approach.
__Its language or concepts are too mature for our audience.
__Its age-range appeal is not wide enough.
__We do not publish serials or continued stories.
__Has too much discription or narration.
__It lacks a strong plot.
__We avoid stories glorifying war, or involving crime or violence.
__We have on hand or have already published a similar piece.
__Its length preludes consideration.
__It involved stereotyped roles.
_x_ It is not suited to our present needs.
__We do not publish material that requires or encourages a reader to mark on our pages.
__We prefer a presentation that goes well beyond the information available in a textbook or an encyclopedia, or on the internet.
__We believe this story depends on photos that are problematic or unavailable.
__It doesn't include a bibliography.
__We do not believe your subject appeals strongly to many of our readers.


The Editors

I have to look at the bright side, I could have gotten a worse answer. If you want to read the story it is on the share your work thread under children's, titled "The Snow Day Mystery". I think it is on page 2.