Sorry for the thread resurrection folks, but I thought I'd do a quick drive-by update.

Firstly, as most of us know by now, Mr. Howey has ascended and now sits beside God. No, he hasn't died, but he's gone where no other indie writer has gone before, and that's Hollywood.

For myself, I want to report that May 2012 generated Amazon-only earnings of about $10,700. June has obviously just started, but forecasting daily averages should kick that close to $15,000. My two new releases have done a great job in generating lift for the two previous zombie releases, and they're doing great business once again, after falling into the low 100s for monthly sales.

Sales of non-zombie titles have ticked very slightly upward, but not enough for me to get all worked up over.

Pleasant surprise: B&N finally became a four digit earner for me.

That is all.