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Thread: PA Blows Furious Steam !

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    PA Blows Furious Steam !

    Well been a while since i have been in the forum but as i was content to let my contract run out , i got the famous 99$ terminate thing frm PA and decided to play along quoting their contract lines

    MY email to them

    After so many 0.00 royalty cheques, You have enough grounds to free me
    from my contract as stated in written . Do also note that i am not promoting my book since 2007
    and you will not sell any copies.Stop wasting my time and your time and grant me this legal release please.

    PA Answers

    We have received your request to terminate your book's contract. As a general rule, publishers are not in favor of that. When a publisher agrees to contract a book, it is done with an expectation of entering into a profitable venture. PublishAmerica never charges any of its authors any money in return for producing and publishing their book and making it available to a worldwide audience. This is why we enter into contracts with a seven-year lifetime, which affords the book ample opportunity to turn a profit.
    If your request was granted, PublishAmerica would be denied, prematurely, any hope of recovering its expenses. This is why we would prefer to keep the contract in place until its expiration date.
    Therefore, if you were to persist on wishing to relinquish your status as a published author, we can only grant your request if you agree to a $99 compensation payment, which will help to offset some of our losses. If you want to proceed with termination, please go to: Be sure to enter your book's title in the "order comments" field. If not, we will both understand and applaud your decision. As said, we prefer to keep the book under contract.
    Thank you,

    OK so i decide to press on with a little humor and that might be interesting to the guys who wish to know about the PA price Drop...if it will ever happen

    but amazingly after 2 days, i get a speedy courrier with a check for 2 $ from PA claimng i had sold 2 books and made 8 $ commission but since my book was co wrote, i only get 2$.
    Two Questions i asked myself...who is the cowriter if i wrote this all by myself. And who is the guy who bought two copies as i am not promoting anywhere?
    anyway, I pressed on knowing now that they are just covering their weak spots with the 0.00 balance cheque.

    Well you won't sell anything and my contract ends in 2014, which is
    less than 3 years for now.I have been waiting since 2007 so i can wait till 2014. Pay you 99$, you must be joking right for a book that has been published without any editing.

    Anyway, you spent or not, next time do
    a great job so that it can sell, but we all know who buys PA Books right...not stores but authors and their families and friends.
    In anycase we all know what PA is in reality so lets no pretend you are such an honorable publisher.
    Since i am not going to do anything to promote and you will sell nothing until 2014 , when my contract reverts to me, i can propose a buy out clause of 20 $ to the most.

    I think that is the best deal you are going to make out of a book that will not sell and riddled with mistakes. You got to think like this, you are in it for the money and at this point anything is better than nothing. So think about it and get back to me. I actually think that even 20 $ for a faulty product is expensive. Would you go to the supermarket and buy damaged goods at the same price as
    good one????

    And this is when all hell breaks loose and the gloves come off

    Oh, stop the whining already. We're sick and tired of hearing your ilk bark up the wrong tree, so either shape up or shut up you dumb idiot.

    Listen Eistein, this no rocket science. We publish 50,000 books. Each one is produced, manufactured, published, and made available to bookstores worldwide the exact same way. Everything is the same. We don't do preferential treatments for no one, especially dicks like you. Instead we do the whole thing for absolutely free.

    Did you get that numbskull? Free....want me to edit that for you by the word. Regular people don't argue with free. Misguided people like you do. You are seriously misguided, stupid.
    Some books sell very well, in the millions. Some books sell very few copies, even none. Everything else is the same.
    The difference despite the exact same treatment? Different content, different author.
    Those who sell well never give us this kind of crap, ever. Those who don't occasionally barf just like you. Because they can't handle the thought that maybe it's them, or their story.

    It gets old. Go away now. You're wasting our time. Your book remains under contract.
    Thank you,
    Last edited by overfiend; 10-09-2011 at 07:44 AM.

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