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Thread: FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know About Thread Subscriptions

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    FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know About Thread Subscriptions

    You can "subscribe" to specific threads on AW. There are two basic kinds of subscriptions. You can have subscribed threads appear as a list in your User CP, or you can have an email notification sent to you at the email account you used to register with at AW.

    To Autosubscribe to Threads In Which You Post

    1. Click Settings on the top right of any AW forum window.
    2. Scroll down a little to the section on the left side bar titled Settings and Options
    3. Click Edit Options
    4. In the Messaging and Notifications center panel, see the section labeled "Default Thread Subscription Mode."
    5. Select the option you wish from the pop-down menu.

    Please do not select the Instant Email Notification option; on a fast-moving thread you could be asking for 45 emails a day, easily. That's an unreasonable burden on the server.

    Global Thread Subscription Settings

    • You can set the email option to be:
    • Do Not Subscribe (This is the default setting).
    • No Email Subscriptions (Subscribed threads will appear in your User CP).
    • Instant Email Notification (We may turn this off if the server is overburdened; please try to avoid this option). Note that a notification is not sent for every reply and will only be sent once, until you revisit the forums.
    • Daily Email Notification (This shouldn't be a problem; you get an email once a day listing subscribed threads with new posts).

    Please Avoid Using Instant Notification

    We've got thousands of active members. A fast-moving thread can cause notifications, including PMs, to back up, or make your ISP send the AW Admin nasty messages about spamming, and that would make me very cranky. If a lot of thread subscriptions are bouncing, AW reserves the right to turn off Notification on a server-wide or individual user basis.

    To Subscribe to An Individual Thread

    1. Locate a thread you want to subscribe to.
    2. Open the thread (click on the thread in the list of threads).
    3. While you have the thread open, at the top of the thread in the darkest menu bar, there is a menu called Thread Tools.
    4. Choose Subscribe To This Thread from the Thread Tools menu.

    To Manage Your Subscribed Threads

    1. Go to your Settings
    2. In the left-hand sidebar, is a section titled Subscribed Threads.
    3. The List Subscriptions link lists all your Subscribed Threads.
    4. At the bottom of the List is a pop-down menu that allows you to:
    5. Move a thread to a Folder
    6. Delete a Subscription
    7. Update a Subscription, that is, change the notification type.

    In order to do any of these things you must first click the ticky box for a thread. See the box to the far right of the Subscription List.

    Above the Subscription List are your Folder Controls; you can create folders for your various subscribed threads, move threads to folders, empty a folder, and if you're very lucky, win the magical Galactic Lottery.

    You can then read your Subscribed Threads via your Settings, or via the Subscribed Threads item in the Quick Links menu in the black bar at the top of the forum.

    Here's the official documentation about Thread Subscriptions.

    Abuse of Thread Subscriptions

    I've just been informed by one member that said member has "over 1000" thread subscriptions.
    That's abusive and ridiculous. I shouldn't have to say this:
    • Keep your thread subscriptions to a reasonable number; certainly nothing that's triple digits or higher.
    • If a thread hasn't been active in a year, remove the subscription.
    • Keep your subscriptions down to threads you actually want to be alerted about.

    I want to thank dpaterso, alleycat, and Haggis; my faithful readers.
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