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Thread: Kindle Direct question

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    Kindle Direct question

    Hi guys--

    I recently decided to self-publish my NF book, because of a lot of people on AW pointing out to me that I have both the resources and the know-how to make it a success, being that I know exactly how to reach my intended audience and everything.

    I'm planning to go via Kindle Direct, and I'm wondering how I can sell the book other places as well. I do know I can also go via Smashwords and I plan to go through that route alongside Kindle Direct.

    But I know there are other stores online that sell eBooks, along with libraries who offer eBooks. How can I get my book to those other eBook stores? Is there actually a way? I was reading something about Kindle making their eBooks available to libraries, as well, and I'm not quite sure I understand how that part works (but don't worry about explaining it to me, I just found it 5 minutes ago and I'm still reading).

    And if I publish through both Kindle and Smashwords, am I going to end up with two different ISBN numbers, one from each place? (I don't know if this is really a big deal or not, I'm just curious.)

    If I sound like a total noob (not a word I ever thought I'd use on AW...) I'm sorry. I am sort of new to the e-publishing stuff though, and I tried to read through a lot of the threads in this part of the forum before posting this question.


    Arianna S.
    Last edited by Kyla Laufreyson; 09-22-2011 at 08:16 PM. Reason: I answered one of my own questions

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