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All I knew was KDP. Thanks to AW, I heard of Kindle Scout (a little closer to real publishing it looks like) and Smash Words. I got on Smash Words and I really like their navigation. You can get SM to the Kindle by downloading in Kindle format and copying it in using the USB. I'm going back to KDP (since, like the Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave) -- but not as Select.
There are many others, too.

  • Draft2Digital (another aggregator—goes to fewer stores than Smashwords, but has a slicker interface and faster response time).
  • OmniLit / All Romance Ebooks (same place, just different branches of the site; the latter is only for romance, obviously)
  • StreetLib (Italian aggregator for many sites you've not heard of)
  • XinXii (German; mostly aggregator; I've heard nonfiction does best there, but I'm not sure English does)
  • Google Play (can cause some issues with their discounting practices)
  • Drive Thru Fiction (for speculative fiction [sci-fi, fantasy, horror])

And I'm sure I'm missing some I'm familiar with, and even more I don't know about.