I need info on what entails a job working as a foreign-language translator, preferably the Dutch language. What does it take to land a job with the Department of Labor? What does the work include? Outside of DOL, what kind of business would hire someone as a translator? What would they do there? I hear there's lots of travel involved; how often and for how long? What's an average salary?

This is for a novel. My character has a bachelor's degree in social services but works as a translator. It is her desired occupation. She spent 7 years in Holland (has American parents).

I also need info about a job as an accountant. What's the educational requirements? Typical salary? What kind of work environment is there? Hours? Benefits?

This is also for my novel. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated and of course I will offer credit. Please contact Dawn at [email protected] with info. Thank you!!