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Thread: The Zharmae Publishing Press

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsmig View Post
    Travis, the very thinly veiled accusation that Zharmae failed because AW didn't give it a stamp of approval really gravels me.

    YOUR BUSINESS FAILED BECAUSE YOU HAD A BAD BUSINESS MODEL, and you stuck to that model despite warnings from this website that it wouldn't work. Then you bailed out and left your authors danging and unpaid. (Evil Overlord, I'm sorry this happened to you, and Travis' lame response must feel like insult added to injury.)

    Sorry, Travis - but if I saw your name associated with a business - any business - I would back away.
    Thank you, again, I fully acknowledge the shortcomings with Zharmae. Also, to my knowledge, there are no unpaid authors, artists, or contractors remaining with Zharmae, and anyone who believes they were not paid should email me directly so that I can look into it. All payments owed to authors and artists were paid in December 2016 with an audit to verify in January 2017.

    I was not attempting to suggest that Zharmae failed because AW did not give a stamp of approval, and I apologize if that is how it was interpreted. More so that I have watched this forum for years and understand that having AW member's general support is worthwhile. This means presenting an information and taking the feedback into consideration. I also fully recognize that anything I do in the publishing industry would be very well scrutinized by AW. You want to protect writers.
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    Travis R. Grundy

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