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Generally, the average experience is 3-7 years, with some having as much as 20+ years. Again, while I have a range that I target, I allow contractors to offer a price they are comfortable with based on the project scope, and I contract them in order to lock in that price point for a given project or series of projects, or time period.
There are lots of people who have a decade or more of experience in editing who aren't good editors, though, Travis. They'll charge really low prices for the work you're asking them to do, and when you couple that with the low prices you're paying for the writing you can guarantee that you'll end up with really bad books.

You seem to think you're creating a new way of working, which has never been done before: nope. Do you remember I mentioned a book packager I worked for in 1993, 1994? While I was there that book packager bought out another packager which worked in exactly the way you're describing. It was almost bankrupt but it had a few assets which were useful to us. The quality of the books it had published was disgraceful. Really embarrassingly bad.

There's a reason publishing people don't work in the way you're suggesting. It's because it results in bad books, poor sales, and no money.