It was interesting to see this crop up in my feed. Travis, you did always pay me on time when my books made money, and most of my grievances had little to do with you as a person, nor really any of the staff on a personal level, though I'm very, very glad I got out of Zharmae when I did.

I would suggest you really take a good look at everything everyone's said. It did always feel like you weren't listening to what was said. I know you cared a lot about your authors, I know you had these grand dreams of having Zharmae as a self-sustaining community of authors that was profitable and, really, on top of the world and it worries me that you may have similar aspirations for this new venture. I think you have some sort of experience, but likely need more. If I'd thought it was the people who worked for and with you that messed up Zharmae I would honestly be wanting to jump forward to work with you again, you tried a lot of different strategies and some of them might've worked if things were better organized. Unfortunately, you're the only one who can take responsibility for that. I see that you are.

I implore you to take a good look at the suggestions and go back and think and rethink and then rethink again your plans, get advice from people who have run the kind of business you want, and figure out where you're going with this. You have ambitions and you can reach them... but you still seem quite inexperienced. Maybe you're much more experienced than we're taking you for. I hope that's the case.