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My experience with Zharmae is noted in previous posts in this very thread.

We signed a contract. I didn't hear anything for a year, and received no payment. I followed up. I finally got a response (from the same e-mail address as before) when I wrote to rescind the contract.

My material was never used, so the only thing I lost was time. But that's enough for me.
So I didn't publish your material, thus you never had anything to be paid for. I would appreciate it if you present factual claims or grievances especially when you accuse me of failing to pay what was owed. Zharmae's payment schedule has always been transparent on this forum, whether or not people liked the method. Making inflammatory claims simply because you may not like me, does not in my opinion, add value to the conversation.

While I am on this subject, I fully understand that many authors feel like I left them hanging, and alone, and without a home for their books. Some of the authors who were closest to me, especially those on a personal level no longer speak with me. Many feel betrayed that I decided to close the company instead of keeping their books in publication. I am not unaware of how many authors view me not to mention my artists, and the staff...and the investors. But I have made the effort to move forward, on the up and up.