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I wondered if this might be your niche, as you were aiming that way with Zharmae. That was part of the problem, because you were attracting authors from groups who struggle to break into publishing, but had things set up so that they'd stay struggling. People kept telling you the problems and you ignored it. You did it with a smile, which was enough to make people believe you were listening on a quick glance at the thread, but you never changed. You saw an underserved market and ended up exploiting people within it.

It seems unlikely that you're going to shower your writers with money and act on any feedback given to make the business fair. You had years to do that before and never did. But what is likely is that people will glance at this thread, see you've said you're committed to change, and not realise the history. So I'm laying out the history. I don't want to see any more authors harmed because you know how to act like you're listening.

If you are really wanting to change this time, my advice is to write this series you have planned yourself. If it's successful, you will have the money to hire people to work on it. If it's not, you're the only one who took a risk.
Thank you for the feedback Polenth. I honestly hadn't viewed my actions like that. Nor do I want to ignore my past actions, which is why I am looking at paying for the work in a similar manner that I pay ghostwriters right now for Whorde projects.