Hoping to not cause offence... I am writing a vampire romantic fiction thing & wanted to make it different... I would like my vampire to be completely unconcerned by the usual crosses and christian holy water... I'd quite like for her to be crushed by Jewish symbolism... it seems unfair that that doesn't happen more often.

I remember something about there being a scroll that is supposed to be pinned to the front door of a Jewish household - is this true or has my memory made it up? I can't remember the name (I may have made the concept up) and googling Jewish Scroll was something of a disaster.

I was hoping that she would be unable to enter any house where this scroll wasn't pinned up - but if it's not common I will have to keep looking... also any other (better) suggestions would be hugely welcomed!

I did try googling 'Jewish Vampire' (that made for some interesting reading) but they seemed to think that the vampire would be Jewish - but I was unconcerned about the vampire's personal religion, just what will prevent her entering a house or attacking someone.