A friend linked to this on Twitter.

Kiana Davenport is claiming that her Big 6 publisher "went ballistic" when they found out that she had self-published a collection of short stories after she had signed a contract with them for a completely unrelated novel.

So, here is what the publisher demanded. That I immediately and totally delete CANNIBAL NIGHTS from Amazon, iNook, iPad, and all other e-platforms. Plus, that I delete all Google hits mentioning me and CANNIBAL NIGHTS. Currently, that's about 600,000 hits. (How does one even do that?) Plus that I guarantee in writing I would not self-publish another ebook of any of my backlog of works until my novel with them was published in hardback and paperback. In other words they were demanding that I agree to be muzzled for the next two years, to sit silent and impotent as a writer, in a state of acquiescence and, consequently, utter self-loathing.
Not knowing what exactly her contract says makes it difficult to say whether what the publisher demanded was correct or not. Anyone else care to share their insights?