All right, folks. Most of you have seen and many have responded to the thread about NPR's "Your Pics: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books." A majority of you disagree with the results of that poll.

So be it.

Herewith, we are presenting our own poll, that is similar to the NPR poll (in that it's about Science Fiction and Fantasy books), but is a broader category than just the "best" or "favorites." Our list will be those SF/F books with which, in your opinion, a writer or fan of the genre(s) ought to be familiar.

What we want: Book titles that meet the poll criteria. For each title, provide:

  • author's name
  • copyright date
  • genre (either Science Fiction or Fantasy)
  • ONE sentence describing why this book belongs in the list.

You may enter as many titles as you wish, either in one post or several.
What we do NOT want:

  • Chit chatter or commentary on your or others' contributions to the list.
  • You are limited to the one descriptive sentence.
  • This thread is NOT open for discussion. Just submissions, please.
  • Posts that do not comply with these simple rules will be summarily deleted (with cause, without prejudice).
  • Posts that are in improper format will be edited to comply.

I will stick the thread and leave it stuck for a year. That should be plenty of time to allow us to arrive at well more than 100 titles, yet be short enough to remain interesting. Once the year is up, we'll compile the list and post it.

Let's get started.