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Thread: Tutorial: Design Your Cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by theuglytree View Post
    I've not read through all the replies on this thread - who really has time for that? - but one thing is standing out in these tutorials and general design threads: are people really using Photoshop and Illustrator for book design? I can understand that some people might consider a book cover little more than an image, but even so, Photoshop and Illustrator are not the most suitable tools for designing covers and definitely not the actual books. If you're going to be putting together a book yourself, you'd be much better off, if you're considering an Adobe product, with InDesign or Quark, dedicated book design software. If my old design tutor found out people were using Illustrator he'd go spare.
    The design of a book cover and the design of a book are two different things. The software cited does not give an appropriate range of tools for building your cover image. It would be fine if you are doing graphic design with an existing image, or as second tier software in the process. There's no reason to intimidate nonprofessional designers from attempting the process since this thread was not written as a walkthrough for people who are already professionals. InDesign is for editorial layout for example, and while it has a conversion option for eBooks, I wouldn't trust it if my job or my own publication depended on it.

    If people would like a tutorial on ebook design, I'm not sure that would be appropriate for the design forum and it may already exist in the tech forum. Do you know anything about this Alessandra?

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