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Thread: FAQ: How do I delete my account?

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    FAQ: How do I delete my account?

    1. How do I delete my account?

    You can't delete your account. We do not delete accounts on Absolute Write.

    2. Who do I talk to about deleting my account?

    Doesn't matter who you talk to; the policy is that we do not delete accounts.

    3. Why don't you delete accounts?

    It's bad for the integrity of the community as a whole, and for the conversation within individual threads to suddenly have posts disappear.

    Keep in mind that even were your posts to disappear, those of people responding to you, many of whom will quote your posts, will still be present.

    It's extremely hard on the database and the server to delete accounts. It's also bad IT policy to destroy data.

    Writers should take their words seriously, always. Don't post it if you're not writing hard, and writing true.

    4. Well what recourse do I have if I want to delete my account?

    You can edit your own posts, one by one, as long as they're not in locked threads. We're not going to help you do that either. And if you engage in a mass deletion spree, your account may be locked automaticallly by the software for security reasons. Slow and steady should be ok.
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